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In the current period of dynamic economic development and a great number of diverse companies in operation, it seems important to define the characteristics of an entrepreneur that enable him or her not only to survive, but also to develop and become successful. Competences are the subject of research within several domains of social science: psychology, management, law, sociology and organisational theory. The competences associated with company management can be defined as those characteristics which favour the successful management of a small and medium company. Both types of competences - general and specific - are personal characteristics, which are possible to change and modify, for example through training. They can reach different levels for different people and also for the same employee in different moments in time.


Nowadays it seems that new challenge is not only the competence management but also the talent management. Talent has become the key factor of production and regions develop advantages based on their ability to quickly mobilize the best people, resources, and capabilities required to turn innovations into new business ideas and commercial products. Qualities and ambitions as motor for the future.


General Aim:

-  strengthen small and medium companies as far as their chances of survival

-  increase their competitiveness on the market through the talent management

Target Groups:

-  employees, companies, training and consulting organizations, coaches and trainers



-  verification of the competence profile of employee

-  elaboration of the talent measurement system

-  elaboration of the guidelines how to build the company strategy based on the results of the talent measurement and exploit the employee’s potential

-  preparing national versions of the talent management system (language)

-  exchanging and adapting training programmes, training materials (to improve soft competences) towards new organisations and new countries

-  organising training regarding the methodology and the use of the talent measurement tool towards members of the partnership + towards external  organisations

-  testing the talent measurement system and training materials by each project partner


The project implementation is divided into 8 work packages:
-  Project management
-  Competence and talent profile of employee/ member of the project team
-  Developing the ICT tool for competence and talent assessment
-  Competency profile of coach (group coaching)
-  Training materials for trainer/coach and trainee
-  Testing the project results in companies and train-the-trainer activity
-  Valorisation of the project results
-  Quality and evaluation


Eurosuccess Consulting
University of Exeter
Business West
Syntra West
OIC Poland
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