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Assessment of Competencies and Talents

Comtal project deals with the assessment of Competencies and Talents of employees and coaches, promoting the talent management in European SMEs.



What has been done…?

The project consortium distinguished the competencies of employee and coach and described them by the statements. The selection of the competencies, which are shown below for employee and coach, was made on the base of literature and expert’s experience. Psychometrical methodology typical for all standardized psychological tests was applied too. The approved questionnaires were assessed in terms of language clarity in every project country and then examined by psychologists and trainers to assess the extent to which the statements accurately describe each competence. The questionnaires where transformed in an ICT tool for better interpretation of the results. In order to have more accurate competence profiles, both profiles should be tested from representatives of the two target groups. The collected data will be the subject of the statistical and psychometrical analysis.


Why ...?

The applied methodology guarantees that the tool for the competence and talent assessment will be standardized, normalized, reliable and accurate.


What  now...?

To elaborate the final version of the competence and talent profiles, we invite the representatives of the two groups/employees and coaches/ to take part in the survey. This survey is carried out in Poland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Belgium and the United Kingdom.


To be able to validate and standardize this competence tool we rely on your help!




If you are an employee / a member of a project team please follow the link:  




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